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• 2/6/2019


Coordinates are 697,198 not 687,198

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• 12/9/2018


someone help me explain about every award and how can i get them all... thank so much ^•^

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• 10/26/2018

Fame lv 5

How can I reach to fame lv 5? I finished all the boss fights.

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• 8/26/2018
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• 6/28/2018

Thank you Chef Wars Wiki Editors and Contributors

Just dropping by to say thank you to all editors and contributors to this wiki. We are humbled and eternally grateful for all the work you guys are doing!

Feel free to contact us mindcakegames@gmail.com or contact@mindcakegames.com if you guys need anything that we can provide.

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• 5/15/2018

Where can i get saffron, other than murcia?

I’ve been to murcia several times and never find saffron in the market. Where else can i find saffron? Please help.. i need to make bouillabaisse to defeat baron! Lol
Please help 😁
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• 5/8/2018

Created new page: Baron Locations

Shifted the information from "Locations". Admins might want to add that to the home page.
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• 4/17/2018

Any good tips on beating Tubbs?

First time playing the game and, I have to admit, what drew me in were the two anthro characters. I have to say that anthros are a big interest point for me, and if I see something has anthro playables, that increases my interest in something. I was disappointed that the two non-human characters required gems, plus are the most expensive chefs that require gems, but I had just enough money in my account to buy one of them, and my love for cute, cuddly anthro characters made it feel like it was worth it. I still have to beat him at a contest, though, which is disappointing.

...But I'm not getting anywhere against him. He's challengable in four cities, each with a different variation of these four traits: Fritter, Street, Greasy and Fruity. I tried Candy Apples, which I thought would fit the Street criteria as well as Fruity, but I guess not. I DO notice that Chairman Meow generally rates his dish lowly, so that might make things easier, but the other judges give him all 10s, so it feels like a requirement to have Chairman Meow as a judge. ...But it's not enough.

I do kind of want Tubbs because I know the main villain is anthro, and human VS anthro situations tend to make me feel uncomfortable. I know it's weird, but that's kind of why I want to get Tubbs.
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• 4/6/2018

Recommended Improvements (Need your help)

Things completed:
1. Ingredients Page now sorted by Rarity and Ingredient Type. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ingredients
2. Added new Ingredient sub-categories to facilitate this sorting.
3. Note that thanks to the Ingredient Infobox, there is already a link to the Category page for EACH ingredient.

Recipes have two links: one is a page with a long, long table. And the other is the Category page. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Recipes

I've modified the Recipes Category page as follows:
4. Recipes are now sorted out by Ingredients, by Country, by Tags, and by Recipe Type.
5. All Tags should have been added as sub-categories under Recipes. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Tags. All previous Tag pages have been redirected to their Respective page.
6. All Recipe Types have been added as sub-categories under Recipes. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Type. HOWEVER, a lot of infoboxes have used the Ingredient link rather than the Type link.
Wrong Example: http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Pasta_Alfredo
Correct Example: http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Pasta_Arrabiata
7. All previous Type pages have been redirected to their respective pages. Please look carefully if you are making edits, especially if Type and Ingredient overlaps.
8. All Regional Recipe page [e.g. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/French_Recipes] now have a link to their corresponding Category pages. I think that they are both useful. Category pages are still NOT reliable because a lot of Recipe Infoboxes have listed their Geo locations wrongly.

As I have spent too much time on this and my wife is nagging, here are some actions that really needs your hands to help.
1) Ensure all ingredients have an Ingredient Infobox.
2) Create Recipe pages based on the information in their Regional Recipes list. Creating their infoboxes will automatically list them in their corresponding Category pages. This is excellent and efficient.
3) Clean up typo errors.
4) Clean up Recipe Infoboxes, especially for Tags and Geo.
5) Add pictures for Recipes via their infoboxes.
5) And of course, fill up the Regional Recipe lists if you have the information.

And with that, I am done. Have fun.
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• 3/2/2018

Chef Party

After recruiting 4 chefs i can't seem to recruit more and i have 7 slots for my chefs. Can you use more than 4 chefs in your party at the same time?
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• 3/1/2018
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• 2/28/2018

Can someone gives me the list of Tags? And location to farm dishes for

We need a page containing Tags, and location where we surely can add those tags to our dishes.
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• 2/5/2018

Directing tags to page

Could someone ELI5 how to make the tags direct to their respective pages? I've fixed most of the tags on the main recipe page but I would love for all of the aromatic recipes to have a page and festive recipes to have a page etc.
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• 11/8/2017

The categories of recipes

I was wondering if we could simplify the categories of recipes by making the table sortable. Since it would be easy to filter by recipe name or by country, it's no longer necessary to keep the recipes by country page, which doubles the work of adding new recipes and tag updates.

On sorting: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Sorting
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• 10/23/2017

Help defeating baron

So for people who defeated baron....I’m stumped..what dishes do you usually use to beat him and at what power level do I train those dishes? Also what fusion dishes have you guys discovered so far? I only discovered ☝️ one. Thanks a lot to people who answer
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• 10/18/2017


I got an ultimate ingredient (OYSTER) can someone help me to find recipe for it? Thanks 😊
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• 10/17/2017

Lists getting out of hand...

So we are getting more and more manually populated lists and as the number of recipes grows (there is 900 recipes!!!) it will become impossible to manage them. While I see a point in pages like French Recipes. Manually adding list like Meat or manually adding list of recipes to ingredient pages like Butter in my opinion is pointless when the same can be done by using [[:Category:Butter|List with Recipes using Butter]] see the difference: http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Butter
Butter Chef Wars Wiki
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• 10/16/2017

Help needed

Can someone help link : http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Sylvie

To the character. Thank you! Unsure how to tag image or the text. It keeps saying site not found.
Sylvie Chef Wars Wiki
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• 10/9/2017


How can I become a contributor? I keep doing edits to add new recipes
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• 9/10/2017

Chef Wars Character Portrait Assets

Hi everyone!

I'm Karlo and I'm the lead dev for Chef Wars! Our team is grateful for the people behind this wiki and have decided to support it by sharing some assets from the game.

Here are the character portraits which you can download from the link below:

Feel free to contact us at contact@mindcakegames.com if you guys need anything else.


- Karlo
portraits - Google Drive drive.google.com
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