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• 4/6/2018

Recommended Improvements (Need your help)

Things completed:
1. Ingredients Page now sorted by Rarity and Ingredient Type. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ingredients
2. Added new Ingredient sub-categories to facilitate this sorting.
3. Note that thanks to the Ingredient Infobox, there is already a link to the Category page for EACH ingredient.

Recipes have two links: one is a page with a long, long table. And the other is the Category page. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Recipes

I've modified the Recipes Category page as follows:
4. Recipes are now sorted out by Ingredients, by Country, by Tags, and by Recipe Type.
5. All Tags should have been added as sub-categories under Recipes. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Tags. All previous Tag pages have been redirected to their Respective page.
6. All Recipe Types have been added as sub-categories under Recipes. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Type. HOWEVER, a lot of infoboxes have used the Ingredient link rather than the Type link.
Wrong Example: http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Pasta_Alfredo
Correct Example: http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Pasta_Arrabiata
7. All previous Type pages have been redirected to their respective pages. Please look carefully if you are making edits, especially if Type and Ingredient overlaps.
8. All Regional Recipe page [e.g. http://chef-wars.wikia.com/wiki/French_Recipes] now have a link to their corresponding Category pages. I think that they are both useful. Category pages are still NOT reliable because a lot of Recipe Infoboxes have listed their Geo locations wrongly.

As I have spent too much time on this and my wife is nagging, here are some actions that really needs your hands to help.
1) Ensure all ingredients have an Ingredient Infobox.
2) Create Recipe pages based on the information in their Regional Recipes list. Creating their infoboxes will automatically list them in their corresponding Category pages. This is excellent and efficient.
3) Clean up typo errors.
4) Clean up Recipe Infoboxes, especially for Tags and Geo.
5) Add pictures for Recipes via their infoboxes.
5) And of course, fill up the Regional Recipe lists if you have the information.

And with that, I am done. Have fun.
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• 4/9/2018
I haven't been as active as I was in the early release of the game and the wiki but this is fantastic!
• 5/18/2018
All ingredient infoboxes are done as well as ingredient types
• 6/16/2018
All Filipino Recipes has their respective pages now with infoboxes. Working on all the descriptions and featured sites of these recipes. After that, I'll work on the images.

P.S. Can any admin delete the page "Inasal na Mamok"? It should be "Manok" not "Mamok". I already made a new page with the correctly spelled recipe name. Thanks
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