One of the oldest known spices, anise is native to the Mediterranean, Levant and Egyptian regions. It has a strong licorice flavor. Star anise from China is a different plant with a similar flavor. albeit stronger and more bitter.


Anise is used in the following recipes.

Name English name Geo Type Tags Other ingredients
Chräbeli Swiss Anise Cookies Swiss Cookie Festive, Sweet, Winter Egg, Flour, Spirit, Sugar
Clapassade French Meat Aromatic, Earthy, Meaty Honey, Lamb, Olive, Onion
Fuqi Feipian Beef Slice in Chili Chinese Aromatic, Far East, Fiery Beef, Peanut, Sichuan Pepper, Wine
Gibassier French Bread Fruity Candied Fruits, Flower, Flour, Orange
Kue Lapis Legit Indonesian Layerd Cake Indonesian Cake Butter, Cloves, Egg, Sugar
Lebkuchen German Cookie Aromatic, Festive, Sweet Almonds, Flour, Ginger, Honey
Luobo Men Niu Nan Braised Beef Brisket with Turnips Chinese Meat Bean Paste, Beef, Soy Sauce, Turnip
Ma La Huo Guo Chinese Soup Aromatic, Far East, Fiery Bean Paste, Ginger, Sichuan Pepper, Stock
Pho Gà Chicken Pho Vietnamese Noodles Chicken, Coriander, Fennel, Noodles
Saganaki Greek Fried Cheese Greek Cheese Cheesy, Mediterranean, Pub Grub Cheese, Lemon, Olive Oil, possibly one unkown
Torta de Aceite Oil Cakes Spanish Cookie Almonds, Flour, Sesame, Sugar