Astrid was once the steely headmistress of L'Ecole Parisien, one of the most prestigious institutions of gastronomic learning. Her school (and personal reputation) was sabotaged by Baron Von Pork, leading to its closure. Her cold demeanor is only matched by the discipline with which she delivers her dishes - perfect, precise, pristine.

Recruitment Challenge

Character Mission

Astrid's Redemption

After the closure of L'Ecole Parisien, Astrid is out to convince the Master Chefs who lost faith in her that she was framed, and still at the top of her game!

Part 1. Paris, France (112, 116)

Part 2. Bordeaux, France (97, 136)

Part 3. Zurich, Switzerland (143, 123)

Part 4. Seville, Spain (70,173)

Part 5. Naples, Italy (171, 127)

Part 6. Kyoto, Japan (779, 185)

Part 7. Hong Kong, China (671, 248)

Part 8. Paris, France (112, 116) - Finale

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