Gottlieb is bat-shit crazy. But a fine chef and brilliant inventor nonetheless. He has been known to talk to his ingredients before cooking them.

Recruitment Challenge

Gottlieb will regularly serve Lebkuchen in his recruitment challenge.

Challenge Types: Cookie, Sweet, Flour, Aromatic


Gottlieb's Search

Gottlieb is on a quest to shut down some of Baron's most unruly inventions!

Amsterdam: Amsterdam, Netherlands (124, 98)

London: London, United Kingdom (99, 102)

Minsk, Belarus (238, 90)

Kharviv, Ukraine (281, 110)

Crick's Story

Ghent, Belgium (119, 105)

  • Parsley, Aromatic, Onion, Mustard, Capers, Mint

Amsterdam, Natherlands (124, 98)

  • Round 1: Aromatic, Rosemary, Butter
  • Round 2: Cinnamon, Aromatic, Cloves